Zoo, and Fall Activities

monday, Monday, MONDAY! I loathe thee. I hate having to go back to school. I do not enjoy the boring classes, and the teachers who drone on about nothing that I need to know.
Anyway! My weekend was packed! Friday right after I got out of school my family packed up and left for a weekend away in San Diego. It was a nice 2 days away just us 4. That rarely happens now that we are all grown up and seem to always be going in different directions. Yet, since we are such a close family it is really nice when it does.
Friday night we started off by having dinner with my uncle, aunt, and cousin. We only see them about twice a year, but I love spending time with them!
Saturday we headed to the zoo! I love the zoo! Animals are my favorite, and they are fascinating to me. However, my least favorite were the snakes. Snakes and spiders scare me! The zoo was so cool to do with my family. Lots and lots of walking, but it was very fun! Seeing so many of God’s amazing creatures is just incredible!

On the way home from San Diego on Sunday we stopped at a corn maze. We do this every year for about the past 4 years. It’s super fun, and if you have never done a corn maze I suggest you go try one! It is slightly hard, but that what makes it more enjoyable! They had a baby calf there and we also got to watch piggy races! 

Once we got home on Sunday night Donny and my sisters friend Daniel came over. Every year since my sister and I were very little we carved pumpkins. It is another tradition in our house! It is something that signifies to me that fall is here and the holidays are coming. Once Donny came around a few years ago we always carve them together. My family is big on stuff like that. It wasn’t planned that both of us would carve buildings but it ended up that way! I carved the castle on the left, and he did the haunted house (or hizzle as he was calling it) on the right.


 After carving pumpkins we had an easy pizza dinner and watched Indian Jones. Which it seems D can never sit through any sort of movie on a Sunday without falling asleep..He’s an 21 year OLD man!

It was a really fun weekend! Now it’s time to get back to the grind of school and work. How was your weekend? Do any fallish activities?

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    aww i LOVE family vacations, it's so fun just hanging out with everyone and doing something fun (and free too haha!) I love your face at the zoo- i can't handle reptiles either.

    PS I found you through Sami's Shenanigans linkup 😉

    xo Marlen
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      I love them too! My family is super close, and we always have such a great time getting away! Ha thank you! I hate snakes!

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