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eShakti custom dress

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I have the most amazing company to tell you all about! eShakti reached out to me a couple months ago, and now I am totally hooked! This company sells women’s clothing, but gives the buyer the option of customizing it. You can either buy it as is, or give them your specific measurements. They also give you the option of changing the sleeves, length, and neckline! Being someone who is very small in size, I was a little concerned about having the dress fit me, (even though I did give them my measurements). However, when the dress arrived, I was amazed! I mean the dress fit me like a glove! It is so hard for me to find clothes (especially dresses) that fit me well.

It worked out for me that when eShakti ccontacted me, I had just begun looking for a dress for my school’s Yule, (a Christmas dinner). I was so excited to be able to pick this dress out! I chose to add cap sleeves to the dress, and make it custom to my size. When I received the dress and tried it on, I was seriously so amazed with how it fit me. It was a little long (as you can see in the first set of photos), but my amazing mother shortened it just a tad so that it would be above my knees. I was still completely amazed at how well it fit in the chest and waist areas though! I highly recommend eShakti if you are in need of any sort of dress or clothing. Also be sure to check out their instagram and facebook for other custom dresses!

Thank you eShakti for sponsoring this post!

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    Gorgeous dress! Love the color!

      • December 22, 2015

      I love it! I am so amazed by eShakti!

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    you look flawless!

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