Wooden Sign #2

Welcome to Sign Number 2! If you want to check out the first one click here. I have found I love painting signs! Maybe it comes from reading all about┬áRecently Roached fun DIY project, but I have come to love being crafty too! I remember my mom painting wooden signs when I was little. We still have so many that she painted as decoration outside. Now I guess it’s my turn. Let’s go dive in!
Here is the wood that I started with. I didn’t put these two pieces of wood together. My mom already had this sign in the back yard. The paint had just worn off with time. However, if you wanted to make a sign like this the two pieces were just screwed together.
My first step was to outline the lettering. Once again I found an idea of what I wanted off pinterest, and then free handed the letters onto the wood. This time around I used a white colored pencil since a lead one did not show up on just the wood. Then I just went to work with my paint!


Next, I used the stencils to outline my sunflower. My mother warned me about using the stencil, but of course I had to make the mistake for myself. Stencils are really hard to keep in the same place. Also, if you don’t hold them down hard enough the paint leaks underneath and then you are just in a whole mess! Now that I have used one I would just recommend drawing it out or doing it by hand.


Here is the final product! I pretty proud of it myself! Excuse the water spot around my purple flower I had to wipe a bit of paint off.

What do y’all think?

So here is to seeing what the next craft is!


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