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Last week I stumbled across this post by Stephanie, and just knew I needed to post one of my own! This post really explains, especially to non-bloggers, why we as bloggers need your comments!

Commenting on my blog is so much more meaningful and helpful to me rather than a simple like on Facebook or a heart on instagram. When I get the notification that there’s a new comment on my blog I get really excited. It actually shows me that people are reading and care enough to comment! It’s a really great feeling as a blogger.

Stephanie gives four reasons why we as bloggers need your comments. I’m going to use hers, and paraphrase my own reasons as well!

1. I have put money into my blog. As I said in my last post about switching to wordpress my blog is an investment. I pay for hosting, and have paid for my theme. I strive to run this blog well and choose to make that investment to help Moo’s Musing grow. You all can have a social media site (Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) for free. By commenting on my blog it makes my investment worth it.

2. Commenting shows businesses that I am a great blogger. When I arrive at a blog and it has comments on their posts it shows me that they have an influence on the community around them. When a business wants to collaborate with a blogger they are going to pick the most influential bloggers. Comments show that I am influential.

3. I like to know my posts are read. I have no clue who reads my blog. Google Analytics is simply a number. I have had people mention to me how much they love my blog, but I had no idea they even read it! By commenting I can really hone my posts in on my audience, but first I have to know who my audience is.

4. I dream of the day when I have more than single digit comments. When I started this blog two years ago I dreamed of the day that I would have tons of comments on my blog. I vowed to always do my best to respond to everyone who took they time to talk to me. I still am hoping for that day. I want to grow my blog in so many ways!

To end this post I really hope you check out Stephanie’s blog (and comment 😉 ) and I’ll say again please please start commenting on my blog the blogs you read!

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    Hi There
    Awesome I really need to do a post like this also…. we need to spread awareness to our mundane friends…
    I have these random amazing moments when someone I had no idea is a regular of my blog suddenly tells me in person that they are a big fan and even quote me back to myself…. and o course then I tell them but hey this is all good but how am I supposed to know you read or which posts you have read

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    i absolutely LOVE the addition of it showing businesses that you are a great blogger – i’d never even really thought of it from that standpoint, mostly just other bloggers sizing me up (high school, anyone?!) but that is spot on, too. also i LOOOVE the graphic you made for it. it’s so cute! love the whole new blog. <3

    • Joseph
    • May 22, 2015

    Hey Mariah! I might not comment but I read your blog regularly and think you are doing a wonderful job. I really like the Hemlock theme you ended up choosing. I also wanted to tell you that your second link to Stephanie’s blog in the last paragraph is a link to your previous post. It’s great to see that you’ve given so much care to a hobby that you really enjoy. I look forward to your future blogs. ^_^

      • May 22, 2015

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Also thanks for letting me know. I went back and fixed it. Totally didn’t even realize!

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