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Black Jeans Outfit Inspiration

Black Jeans White Top Moo's Musing Outfit Inspiration White Button Up Black Jeans Moo's Musing White Shirt Black Jeans Outfit Inspiration White Button Up

What would you call this type of shirt? It’s not really a button up since there aren’t buttons all the way up it, and it doesn’t have a collar. However, it resembles a button up with the crease in the middle. I know it’s some type of blouse, but I’m not really sure how to classify it…so I think I’ll stick with calling it a button up.

Whatever you call the shirt though it’s really a classic piece. A good white blouse, and black jeans are a staple to any closet! Paired together they can be great for business attire, and with the right accessories can easily be dressed up.

My weekend went nothing like I had planned it. I was suppose to meet up with my family after I coordinated a wedding Friday, but instead of camping all day Saturday I randomly was put in charge of another wedding. The brides coordinator cancelled at the last minute so I got to run the entire wedding by myself! It was really busy, but everything went pretty smooth. I seriously love what I do!


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