Where To Buy A Large Floor Mirror

floor blogger mirror
floor blogger mirror

I feel like it’s a blogger right to have a massive mirror. I’ve owned this one for a little over a year now and it’s just about my favorite piece of decor. When I was looking for one to buy I was literally on the hunt! These big floor mirrors can be soooo expensive! Like hundreds of dollars expensive. I mean this famous Anthropolgie one is literally a thousand dollars! While I’d love to own it, that’s just not what I have the money for.

So today I want to share some great options if you are in the market for a big mirror or how to get one cheaper. I bought mine for under $100! Kirkland constantly has sales and coupons so it’s just about waiting for the right time. Another option is to look in your local Home Goods, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls. I’ve seen lots there but you never know what you’ll find.

Here’s a roundup of some I found that are around $100.

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    I love me a good oversized floor mirror! I mean, they instantly make your mirror pics 1229472 times better! When we moved into our apartment, I splurged and got one from West Elm and am obsessed but I always see so many cute options at TJMaxx and Homegoods, too!


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      Your’s is so perfect for your apartment!

    • Kate
    • January 21, 2020

    This is something I was actually thinking about investing in recently, so it’s funny I came across your blog post. Thank you for sharing some affordable options that I will definitely look into!

    xx Kate

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      Hope you were able to find a good one Kate.

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    The best decision I ever made was getting a floor mirror. I use it for meditations, Instagram stories, and just to fool around haha. I got my floor mirror from marshalls on sale for under $100!

    Jordan |

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      Yes! Marshalls is another great place to find them. Love how you use yours Jordan!

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    Your mirror is gorgeous! Mine was a Homegoods find back in 2016 and I’m still loving it!

    xoxo A

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      Homegoods is the best!

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