When Things Come To An End

Today is officially my last shift working for Community Life at my school. I will clock out, turn in my key, and that will be it. All of these facts have me feeling quiet nostalgic. Working for this office for the last 2 years has made such a huge impact on me. My college experience would be extremely different if I had not gotten accepted into student leadership. I know that once I graduate I will look back at college and mostly see my time spent planning events, and being apart of this family. And that’s really what my bosses and the other interns I worked with has become. A family.
I am really sad to see this time in my life end. Especially since I am not exactly sure what God has for me next. Because of that it seems just a little harder to leave and makes me a little more sad. A stage of my life is ending and yet one isn’t quiet beginning yet. I am doing my best to trust God and know that he has a plan. He knows I need a job and he is going to bring the perfect one for me for the next stage of life that I am going to enter.
So here’s to the amazing times that Community Life brought me. The friends and loved ones that I will never forget. They have all influenced my life in one way or another. I will miss working with this office so much, and I promise that I will come to the events you plan next year.

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Mariah Cooke
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