When Life Gets Busy, and You Work A Lot…


When life gets busy, and you work a lot…

…you don’t always sleep well. Then there’s always the problem of the kitten who keeps you up at night wanting his face rubbed. 

…your throat starts to hurt, but you really do not have the time to be sick. Bring on the DayQuil!

…you miss those moments of staying home and doing nothing.

…this oh so precious and near to your heart blog starts to get rejected, and it makes you sad to think about.

…your friends miss you a lot, and you feel so bad that there are some of them you haven’t seen in weeks. (please forgive me ladies! I’m trying!)

…that vacation you are leaving on in 3 days seems so close and yet so far off.

…you try to fit to many things into your schedule, but all of those items MUST GET DONE!

That being said, I am so sorry for my lack of involvement over here. Hopefully I will have time to blog here coming up, and you can expect some awesome posts after my vacation or better yet during!


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