What To Wear With Khaki Shorts?

“Khaki shorts, the epitome of casual elegance, effortlessly blend comfort and style for a versatile summer wardrobe staple. As the sun-soaked days beckon, fashion enthusiasts and everyday enthusiasts ponder a delightful sartorial question: ‘What goes with khaki shorts?’ Fear not, for the answer lies within a treasure trove of fashion possibilities, where the boundaries of creativity and chicness intertwine. From relaxed beach outings to lively city strolls, we embark on a journey to explore the perfect companions that will elevate your khaki shorts to the pinnacle of fashion finesse, all while basking in the sun-kissed allure of effortless charm.”

For Men: What To Wear With Khaki Shorts?

Classic Polo Shirt

Pair your khaki shorts with a classic polo shirt in a complementary color. This timeless combination exudes a refined yet relaxed vibe, perfect for casual gatherings or a day on the golf course.

Crisp White Button-Down

For a touch of sophistication, team your khaki shorts with a crisp white button-down shirt. Roll up the sleeves and leave a few buttons undone for a laid-back yet polished look.

Graphic Tee

Add a pop of personality to your outfit by donning a graphic tee with your khaki shorts. Choose a tee with an excellent design or your favorite band’s logo for a fun and expressive ensemble.

Chambray Shirt

Opt for a lightweight chambray shirt to create a relaxed, summer-ready outfit. Roll up the sleeves and leave it unbuttoned for an effortless and stylish appeal.

Boat Shoes or Loafers

Complete your look with a pair of boat shoes or loafers. These classic footwear choices perfectly complement khaki shorts and offer comfort and style.

Canvas Sneakers

Pair your khaki shorts with a clean pair of canvas sneakers for a more sporty and casual look. They’re perfect for outdoor activities or a casual stroll around town.

For Women: What To Wear With Khaki Shorts?

Flowy Blouse

Pair your khaki shorts with a flowy, printed blouse for a chic and feminine look. Add some delicate jewelry and strappy sandals to complete the ensemble.

Off-Shoulder Top

Show off your shoulders with an off-shoulder top paired with khaki shorts. This combination effortlessly combines elegance and summery charm.

Denim Jacket

Layer your khaki shorts with a denim jacket for a touch of edge. This versatile piece adds a hint of coolness to your outfit while keeping you comfortable during breezy evenings.

Crop Top

Embrace the summer vibe with a cute crop top that complements your khaki shorts. It’s a playful and trendy choice for casual outings with friends.

Espadrilles or Sandals

Slide into a pair of espadrilles or stylish sandals to complete your look. They’re perfect for adding a touch of comfort and fashion-forward flair to your khaki shorts ensemble.

Floppy Hat and Sunglasses

Amp up your style and protect yourself from the sun by adding a floppy hat and a chic pair of sunglasses to your khaki shorts outfit.

Remember, the key is to have fun and experiment with different combinations to find what suits your style best. Whether it’s a relaxed beach day or a city exploration, these outfit ideas will have you looking effortlessly fashionable in your khaki shorts.


In conclusion, khaki shorts open up a world of fashion possibilities for both men and women. Their timeless appeal and versatile nature make them a must-have for any summer wardrobe. Whether aiming for a classic, polished look or a casual and laid-back vibe, pairing khaki shorts with the right pieces can elevate your style. The choices are abundant, from crisp button-down shirts to stylish graphic tees, from flowy blouses to off-shoulder tops. Add the perfect footwear, be it boat shoes, loafers, sandals, or canvas sneakers, and you’ll have an outfit that’s comfortable and effortlessly chic. So, embrace the charm of khaki shorts and let your creativity run wild as you curate ensembles that reflect your individuality and leave you looking stylishly poised for any summertime adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color goes with khaki?

Neutral colors and earthy tones go exceptionally well with khaki. Colors such as white, beige, cream, navy blue, olive green, and even soft pastels complement khaki beautifully, creating a harmonious and balanced look. These color combinations are versatile and timeless, making them perfect for various occasions and seasons.

What color shirt can I wear with khaki shorts?

Some classic and stylish options include white, navy blue, light blue, pastel shades, and even earthy tones like olive green or beige. These colors complement khaki shorts well and create a balanced, versatile look suitable for various occasions and settings.

Do khaki shorts go with everything?

While khaki shorts are highly versatile and can be paired with different colors and styles, they may only go with some things. However, khaki shorts are known for their neutral and adaptable nature, making them an excellent match for various outfits and occasions, from casual to slightly more dressy. It’s essential to consider the specific colors and pieces you pair with khaki shorts to create a cohesive and stylish ensemble that suits your taste and the occasion.

Does black go with khaki shorts?

Yes, black can go with khaki shorts. While khaki is a neutral color, pairing it with black can create a stylish and sophisticated contrast. A black top, such as a t-shirt, blouse, or tank top, can complement khaki shorts well and add a touch of elegance to the outfit. Just balance the look appropriately, and you’ll have a chic and fashionable ensemble ready for various casual or semi-formal occasions.

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