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Hi Friends!

I have been waiting to link up with Katie since she started her Saturday series! Plus, I just love her! Go check her out!

So here ya go! What I have been loving!

Song: There are two this week! I am linking the two music videos because I also love the music videos and think they are adorable! Number one is Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Everything Has Changed. I think that the little kids are adorable, and I am a sucker for red heads! Number two is Hunter Hayes I Want Crazy. I just love Hunter Hayes!

Clothes: High waisted shorts! I am going to write my tutorial soon, but I did make those ones! I am seriously loving this style, and my inner hipster is coming out!

Food: Rite Aid ice cream. I don’t know if the fact that that is my favorite food this week makes me a fatty, but I still love ice cream! I could eat ice cream all the time!

Sales: I just have to include this one, because there are so many stores doing their semi annul sale right now. Victoria Secret, Hollister, and Bath and Body Works. I just bought 5 candles for $12 and I could not be more excited!

What have you guys been loving this past week?

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    YOU ARE THE SWEETEST!!! LOVE all of these things! Ed Sheeran is my faaaaave ever. 🙂 And your outfit?! I want it all. That eiffel tower shirt? I need that in my life.

    Thanks so much for linking with me, girly!!


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      That shirt is from forever 21! I seriously walked by and fell in love! I had like 3 other things in my hand trying to decide what to buy and I dropped everything else for that shirt!

      xo xo

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    LOVE that Eiffel Tower top!!! Cute outfit all together. I'm also really loving the song Everything Has Changed. Ed Sheeran is so good.

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      I got it at forever 21. There is words on the back of it. I love it!!

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