Weekend…you mean chaos??


Hello Friends!

Welcome in Monday! or maybe it isn’t so welcome.

Today is a nice start to the week for me. I hope it is for all of you! This week I get to cruise on by until the end of the school year. Yay! I have on more week left. I cannot wait to be on summer break.

This weekend has been so crazy! This move has been very interesting. My mom has said that we feel like we are in a hotel. It all feels very temporary, and I just cannot wait to feel somewhat normal again.

So Saturday moving in completely filled the day. Going back and forth from our, sad to say, old house to the new one. It is starting to feel better, and a bit more homey as the days pass, but I cannot wait until we officially have a permanent house.

Sunday, we unpacked more boxes in the morning and then Donny and I went to see my sister’s play. She is Diana in Anne of Green Gables. She did wonderful, and we had so much fun watching it. I took Donny to the ice cream parlor in downtown Redlands. It was such a fun little date.

I am realizing I need to start taking more pictures of things to show you all! Anyone have any tips?

Today I got to bike ride to class!

It was so much fun and it only took 9 min! I had a blast. It was a nice little ride by myself, and I found it pretty relaxing. Also, I should say that everybody calls that my Barbie bike…I just like the color pink okay!

There ya go, that is my weekend! What did you do this weekend? Anything fun and exciting?

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    OMG! I love your bike! It looks like it would be so much fun to ride. Retro + pink = perfect!

    PS- I jumped over from YOLO blog hop.

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      Thank you so much!

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