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Hello Friends!

This was a pretty good weekend if I do say so! Friday night I babysat, and started on one of my 6 papers…6!! Yes I am going crazy, but the peace that only the Lord can give is slowly coming back to me. I am just plugging away. And just saying I got to page 3…that made me feel somewhat accomplished however 3 out of 12 is only 1/4…*sigh*

This is my dad and my sister. They went to the wedding too.

Saturday we had a wedding to go to. It was so much fun! It was the first wedding that I went to that I had a date for.

my wonderful boyfriend 🙂 isn’t he handsome?
This is the beautiful couple, and their niece. She would not let go for us to take this picture. She is adorable.
The wedding was at this huge barn! I absolutely loved it. They had baby’s breath that lined the aisle, and a bunch of different vases on the tables inside the barn. There was so many pieces that I would totally love to pull and use at my wedding one day.
Sunday after church I worked on my paper some more. Can’t you just hear the excitement!? After my sister and I finished our homework. We spent sometime as a family, and went on a random trip to go get new nailpolish. We are girls what can ya say????
I spent the night catching up on Once Upon A Time, and started the ACM awards.
So that is my weekend.
How was your weekend? What did you do? Comment, I’d love to hear about it!
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    Busy busy weekend!! You look beautiful in the wedding pictures!!

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      Thank you so much!! It is always so busy! I cannot wait for May to come and the end of the school year with it!

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