Weekend Recap

Today is the first Sunday of 2014! People have been saying that a whole lot lately! It’s the first song of 2014, its the first hamburger of 2014. Well of course it is! But the first Sunday means that it is the first Weekend Recap of 2014! 
This weekend was a busy one for me! Friday at 1:00 pm spring training started for my office and me! I was so happy to be back to work! They took our staff up to the mountains for a little retreat this weekend. We had two different cabins, one for boys the other for girls, which were really nice! This weekend was more time spent of bonding for our staff. We all know how to plan events and run the game room, but we never really get time alone together. I really enjoyed myself. It was time well spent with my co workers, and the Lord.
Here are a few photos from the weekend.
Some of the boys made a pyramid and I ended up being the top!
Saturday we played whippel ball. Which was so fun for us!
We were also taking to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I loved that movie! Tonight I get off and back to work on Monday! Classes start Wednesday. It is so crazy to think I am 4 months away from being half way through college!
I also wanted to ask if any of you participate in a weekend recap link up. I can’t seem to find someone who is consistent. Please let me know!

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