Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Valentines Day Gifts For Her Guide

Valentines Day Gifts For Her Guide

Can you believe Valentines Day is almost here? I sure can’t! I still am in shock that we are almost through January. I’ve rounded up some great gifts to give for Valentines Day this year. Whether you want to drop some hints to the man in your life, or need some inspiration for your best girls these are all really great ideas. The price range is pretty large, and I’ve linked more options in the slider below too!

  1.  Ring Holder
  2. Mermaid Tail Blanket
  3. Knot Ring
  4. Stackable Ring Set
  5. Eye Shadow Palette
  6. Bubble Bath
  7. Candles
  8. Portable Charger
  9. Perfume
  10. Clutch

What are you hoping to get this Valentines Day? I seriously love that clutch! I mean it’s so handy! Also, don’t forget a card! I have some adorable Valentines Day cards in my store now.

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    I seriously would love to have a crochet or knit mermaid tail blanket! Your choices are super cute! That eye shadow palette is pretty too.

    1. Reply

      Thanks McKenzie! Hopefully you’ll get a fun palette for Valentines Day!

    • CoCo
    • February 2, 2017

    AHHH the mermaid tail blanket! Such a fun idea. I need this! But am I too old?!

    1. Reply

      Never too old!

  2. Reply

    I love all of these, but the clutch is fab and the color is great!

    1. Reply

      Right, that clutch seems so useful.

  3. Anything Philosophy is the BEST! Love their products!

    1. Reply

      I’ve only ever used their bubble bath. Good to know other things are good too!

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    I love that knot ring! It is so cute. I keep thinking that I would love to have a few cute rings. I always wear my wedding ring, but nothing else.

    1. Reply

      I really want to start stacking more rings on. I’m the same as you, I only ever wear one.

    • Kate
    • February 1, 2017

    Such lovely things, I have the Tarte palette and it’s fab. Would like some Chanel perfume!

    1. Reply

      The perfume smells so good!

  5. Reply

    These are all great picks! But that mermaid tail blanket… omg I need it!

    1. Reply

      Right! I want one so bad!

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