Vacation Day 3: Maine

On day three of our family vacation we rented a car and drove from Boston to Maine. It wasn’t a very far drive, and the scenery was so beautiful! Plus it was super cool to drive through other states!
When we got to Maine we went to this lighthouse and had lunch. We got to explore the light house. It’s so cool to see something that’s beenĀ there for so long! I never really thought of the fact that we even have lighthouses here in California!
After we explored the lighthouse we headed down to beach. Maine’s coastline is very much like our Northern California’s orĀ Oregon’s, super rocky.
Hanging out on this rock was fun….
Until a wave came and covered me…..
After that we ended the day by having Lobster. Then we headed back to Boston for our last nights sleep!
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    Neat! Maine looks like such a beautiful place. Looks like you had fun!

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      It was so much fun! I loved exploring and stuff!

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Mariah Cooke
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