How I Use Pinterest For Outfit Inspiration

Pinterest for outfit inspiration

Pinterest for outfit inspiration fall autumn outfit post Moo's Musing mustard sweater mustard shirt with blue hollister jeans Moo's Musing outfit post Using Pinterest for Outfit Inspiration

I am going to give you a huge secret. *whispers* I plan my outfits with the help of Pinterest.PHEW! Okay…now that you all know my secret, let’s talk about how I go about this and why you totally need to do it too (if you aren’t already).

Pinterest is probably one of the best inventions ever! It is super helpful for me as a designer; but you can use it for recipes, interior design, or to even pick up/learn a new hobby. I use it pretty much daily for design inspiration and of course outfit inspiration. (If you want to check out the stuff I’ve been pinning click here.)

This outfit above was inspired by this pin.Now I don’t have a top exactly like that, but when I saw the color I instantly thought of this shirt that I own. The colors were really similar, and I loved how cohesive the pin looked so I wanted to try the outfit out for myself.

On a typical day or week I look at the weather Sunday nights just to get an idea of how I will need to dress for the week. This lets me know if I will need to be bundled up (in my own California way), need a light jacket, or if I can simply wear a short sleeve shirt or dress. Then I start to think of what I’ve seen on people around me lately, or if I’ve seen an outfit on instagram that I loved and wanted to dress similarly to. If something still doesn’t come to mind I turn to Pinterest.

Here I will normally click through my recent outfit pins and scroll through what Pinterest pulls as similarly pinned items. This tends to inspire me in a sort of direction. Whether it be a certain color, or a piece of clothing I have. In this case I was clicking through and saw the color mustard. Then I searched mustard tops and “botta bing botta boom” I came across this pin.

My tips for using Pinterest for inspiration would be:

Know your closet.

If you don’t know what you own then it is hard to be inspired if you can’t imagine your closet and how it would relate to other’s outfits.

No closet is exactly like another closet.

Your closet is different than my closet, and my closet is different than other bloggers closets. AND THAT’S OKAY! What you own and how you style it makes you, you. Fashion is a form of expression and you should always be comfortable in your clothes. As you can see with this outfit, I didn’t copy the pin exactly. I wore short boots instead of tall since it was a little warmer that day. I also chose to pair it with blue jeans instead of black since it was near Halloween. Pinterest is here to inspire you. You don’t need to copy someone else.

Keep an open mind.

Sometimes you may like something that you don’t see yourself fitting into or may not be your style. Try it anyway! It’s fun to branch out a little sometimes. I never ever thought I would like mustard and now I own this top and a scarf in the color. My style tends to be more feminine and preppy, but if I see a more edgy outfit that I like, I’ll go for it. Because, why not?!

Have fun!

Fashion is fun. I love clothes and I get incredibly excited about them. By planning my outfits or seeing them on someone else it’s like an automatic reassurance that I look good, and when I look good I feel good. You should always feel good when you walk out the door in the morning!

So, I hope you found this post interesting and can even be inspired by some of the outfits that I post every so often. Comment below and tell me how you use Pinterest or any tips you might add!

Shirt: Forever 21 (last seen here) | Jeans: Hollister | Boots:Lux |Necklace: Charming Charlies

    • Maggie
    • November 14, 2015

    I love using Pinterest as inspiration. There are so many great ideas!

      • November 15, 2015

      Right! It is seriously the best tool ever!

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