Twirp Week

The past week has been so crazy! My office puts on a whole week of events called T.W.I.R.P. week. This stands for The Women Is Required to Pay. It’s like a Sadie Hawkins, but instead of a dance it is like a whole week of events that girls can ask guys to. It is a tradition at CBU. I was so pumped to be able to be a part of it this year! However, now that it was over I can say that it definitely went amazing, but I am so tired! I can’t wait to get back to a routine.

Monday night was the kick off for twirp week. The first event was the Elenown concert. This concert was the event that my team had to work for the most. We were able to set up the back drop of lights, and the pallets. It was so beautiful! My team did such an amazing job! The concert was incredible too! They were such an awesome band. This event was the first of two that Donny could go too. Since he doesn’t go to my school he can’t go to the events that we pay for.

Tuesday night was the Angel’s Baseball Game. This was so much fun! I took my best friend, Tori, as my date. We never seem to have enough time to talk, so spending long periods of time together is always nice for us! 

Wednesday was create a date, so my office had the night off. I took the night to catch up on all the homework I had to do.

Thursday was the classic barn dance. I took Tori as my date again. The barn dance is a costume party and we were burglars. There were so many great costumes!

Friday night was the Medieval Times event. This is a local place that gives you dinner and a show. Going there is like going to an old medieval castle. You don’t have any silverware with dinner so you have to eat everything with your hands. Also, when you get there you are given a color which indicates what knight you root for. The knights ride horses, and joust. It is so awesome! 

Last night was the final night of twirp. The event was called surf n’ twirp. Some of the boys on my staff gave surf lessons, and we made them dinner. Plus what’s a beach day without a bonfire?! It was so fun! This was only the second event of the ween that D could go to. It was so nice to spend the whole day with him. Plus, he is such a hard worker! He helped out my staff so much! I am incredibly blessed by him!

So that was my past week! How is your weekend going?


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