Try Dry | Dove Dry Spray Deodorant Review

Dove Dry Spray Moo's Musing Review

Dove Dry Spray Moo's Musing Review

Deodorant. Everyone needs it. Even the people who don’t wear it, need it (and I’m sure we all know a few of those…am I right?!). However, I think we all expect a little something different from our deodorant or antiperspirant.

I’ve been using Dove’s deodorant for many years now. Their brand always worked best for me, keeping any smell at bay and keeping my underarms somewhat dry in the lovely California heat we have been experiencing here. Being stinky isn’t something that I’ve ever really struggled with. Whereas staying dry has always been more of my problem. No deodorant or antiperspirant ever really fixed that for me, but I felt like Dove helped it best.

Now came this incredible new product I received in an Influenster Voxbox! Seriously you guys, this stuff is incredible! The bottle says 48 hour anti-perspirant on it, but I don’t think that’s really possible for any deodorant. Not to mention applying deodorant every 2 days just doesn’t seem realistic no matter how well the product works. With that being said though, this stuff really does work! Dove offers many different scents, and it really does keep me dry!

The difference between a dry spray deodorant than a roll on or gel is there is no “dry time” required. You don’t have to walk around with your arms up in the air for it to dry or wait to put on your shirt for sake of white marks. All that is gone with the dry spray. All you have to do is hold it about 6 inches from your under arm, spray, and then go. It’s really that easy!

I highly recommend you try a dry spray! They also have a men’s formula!

While this post is sponsored all thoughts and opinions are my own. #trydry


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