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Amerii Rattan Bag
Amerii Rattan Bag

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Rattan bags are everywhere! They first popped up last summer, and seem to be here to stay. On both last summer and this summer’s vacation I wore my round rattan bag from amazon and loved it! This style of woven bags is just perfect for spring and summer.

I recently recieved the bag featured from Amerii and am so happy with it. I like it so much I’ve actually been using it as my everyday bag! Amerii is a super special company because each bag is made special by a Balinese artist. The bags are all purchased fair trade so each artist is compensated. It’s so cool to think that my bag is one of kind and even though there may be other styles like it no ones is the exact same.

Here’s some other styles Amerii features and are totally worth checking out.

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    I just bought one of the round ones in Croatia and I love it!

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      Oh that’s such a cool souvenir!

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    Rattan bags are the best! I recently got a circle one and I’m obsessed with it for summer. It goes with everything!


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      I have been wearing mine all summer! It always gets compliments too.

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