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So yesterday in one of my Christian Studies classes we were talking about the act of worship. One of the questions we were asked was what part of our bodies do we use to worship. My first reaction was all of us. We use all of ourselves. My answer was that it was a lifestyle, a daily choice to give ourselves to glorify God. However another girl in my group said we must give our time and our talents. I really liked that phrase and so here we go blog post!
What do I do with my time and my talents? What do you do with your time and talents? I remembered being asked in so many church services what do you do with your time, and is it spent more on worldly things than of things for Christ. I think this question is a good one, but for us who have been in the church I think that we become hard to this question. Now let me encourage you to actually stop and think what is your time being spent on? I can say school and work take up most of my time, but now that summer is right around the corner what is my new next priority. Or even looking ahead to the new school year. What is the majority of my time spent on? Tanning, reading, swimming…now what about what I am reading? Thinking about all the extra time I have what about taking a little extra time in devotions or even doing a second book.
Now what about your talents? Are you using those gifts that God has given you? I feel that I am as I work with children everyday. I love those kids, and I hope that God is speaking through me to them. I think that we forget at times with work, school, or homemaking to use those talents to glorify our Lord and Savior.

So here is my encouragement to you my friends! Use those talents and your time for the Lord.

    • Sara
    • April 6, 2013

    I love your answer about worship being a daily choice to give ourselves to glorify God. I think that your answer and the other girl's answer about time and talents mesh together beautifully! I also enjoyed knowing that you have just started blogging. I have just started this week, also, and it is really fun! Blessings to you! My blog is at I couldn't figure out which choice to pick from your comment as button…

    1. Reply

      Congrats on starting your blog! Welcome to the blogging world! I am find it so fun!

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