Thrifted Comfy Sweater

sweater: thrifted
jeans: hollister
boots: love d

Don’t you just love those finds where you go OH MY GOSH! SO CUTE! That’s how this sweater went down. I can’t remember the thrift store that I got it at, but I just love this sweater. It is a piece of clothing both my sister and I share. We love it that much! It doesn’t exactly “fit” but that’s what makes it that much more loveable. It is so soft and comfy. It isn’t super heavy so I can wear it on a day when it isn’t super cold or super hot.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? What’s your comfiest sweater like?

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    • Baby Meg
    • January 12, 2014

    This is such a cute sweater! Good thrift store finds are my absolute favorite 🙂

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      Mine too! They are so unique and no one else has em!

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    I need to go thrifting more often! I wish I lived in an area where thrift stores had more hidden gems though. Cute look!

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      Finding the right consignment store or a goodwill is hard! I love thrifting in other cities since they seem to have such different stuff. Goodwill is always a good place to start though. It is a hit and miss shopping trips though!

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    Mariah, I love your blog!! I could get lost for hours in all of the adorable and inspiring nooks and crannies. 😉 So girly and crafty; I love it!!

    Also, this sweater is darling. My favorite sweaters are FRUMPY.

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