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Today is a post that really has no point. I haven’t done anything as of late that is blog worthy. There are some posts that I have planned, but I cannot show the blog world them yet since they involve Christmas presents for other people. People that I know read this little space of internet.

So here is some ramblings from the brain of Mariah.

I really miss New York. Part of my brain thinks that I am insane. I am not a city girl, yet I fell in love with this city. Seeing any one’s pictures from New York makes me want to go back already. I know I would freeze in their 28 and snowing weather, but I still long for it. I think that 28 is way more Christmasy than the 84 that California is giving me right now. So here is hoping that I get to see New York again.

So far this break I have done lots of painting. I enjoy it. I like how calming it is. Plus, it makes me feel productive on a very unproductive day.

Green tea. I know it is so good for you, and it will help my skin immensely. But why does it have to taste so funky? I love cold iced green tea. Yet, the minute it is hot it is so gross to me! I don’t understand it.

Those are just a few random thoughts floating around in my brain today. How is your Tuesday going?


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