Thoughts Before Bed

shirt: old navy via a garage sale
jeans: hollister
shoes: target
Hi friends!
How are your weeks going? Mine has been good so far! I haven’t had to much homework so that has been nice!
Today I want to about an assignment I had this past week. We were told to write in a journal for 10 minutes every night before we went to sleep. We were to write about whatever was on our mind. Whether it be a to do list, about our day, or anything on our minds. At the end of the week we were to write a summery paper about our journals.
Something that I noticed was that each night I seemed to stress myself out thinking about what I had to do the next day, or during that week. I would start to make a list of what I had to do the next day in my classes, or what homework I would need to the night after.
I have realized that this is no where near helpful for my sleep. It only causes me more stress, and then as I lay there trying to sleep I focus on what I need to do rather than what the Lord has blessed me with from the day.
Now that I have realized this, I want to strive to focus on what the Lord has given me rather than the things that went wrong during the day, or my list of to do’s. I want to thank Him for what He has done for me not forget and move on to the next day.
What do you guys think about before you go to bed?

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Mariah Cooke
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