Things To Buy Now For the Holidays

We have all heard about the shortage going on in the world of literally everything right now. Mix that in with shipping delays and y’all might want to start your Christmas shopping really early! For the go getters in our world, you might be already done. However, for those who still don’t realize how close Christmas is let this be your note to self to start placing orders! Today I wanted to round up some things to buy now and I’m going to tell you why.

Anything Personalized

I put in pictures of our stockings, and customized ornaments because that’s what relates to me. However, all Etsy stores have a deadline of when you can order something and get it by Christmas. Most of those are coming up soon so if you were thinking about a custom charcuterie board, or quilt get on it!

I also cannot skip over these stockings though! Custom needlepoint stockings are SO expensive! These from Land’s End, are around $30! They have a variety of image options and thread colors. I bought ours last year and love them! They are amazing quality. I remember reading one of the reviews that said this woman had been ordering them for her kids, and grandkids for like 20 years! That’s how good they are.

Tech Items

Almost all tech items are bound to sell out soon. The new iPhone already requires a preorder. I don’t know much about gaming systems, but everything I read said to order those early too. A lot of their manufacturing is delayed because it comes from over seas.

Popular Instagram Products

We all know the nap dress and Emily Mariko’s salmon recipe. But did you think about how those things are going to make great Christmas presents this year? People are totally going to ask for Emily’s pots and pans set (Yes, it’s a great set to have!). So if those are things you have in your mind to buy I’d get them early and hide them away.

What items do you think you’ll need to buy early?

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