The Weekend Full of Camp

Hello Everyone!
I am safely down the mountain and home from a wonderful weekend at camp! It was a lot of fun, and a TON of learning and stretching with Jesus. It was so awesome to be able to go up there as a student and ready to learn rather than a leader being ready to teach 12 jr. high girls. It was so enjoyable being up there with D and getting to worship and sit in service together. That is something so rare, and so precious to me! Camp went from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. I am so happy to be home after barely any sleep, but I had a wonderful time.
Now I did my best to document as much as I could…and if I do say so I think I did a pretty good job!

This is what most of the camp looks like. That is the cafeteria and I was standing at the rec center taking the picture. The camp is up in our local mountains here in Southern California. It is a Christian camp, and our church uses it for almost all of the retreats that they do.

This was on Saturday morning in the chapel before service got started. Isn’t my boyfriend handsome? 😉

This was my leader, Jacquelyn. I absolutely love her! She was amazing!

Saturday afternoon they give us about 4 hours of free time to just hang out and have some fun. This was a shot I captured while D was trying to teach me to play pool. I almost beat him! However, I think that might be impossible as he is a really good pool player…or whatever that would be called. During free time I also went off of this crazy tree swing that they have for us campers up there. It was so scary, and so much fun!

Just being cute on a bridge…you know how we girls do!

Saturday night after the message they led us outside to a bonfire where we had a seriously amazing time of worship. Worship alone is one of my favorite things to do. I really feel God’s presence when I just am able to sit at his feet and sing to him about his glory. Being able to worship outside, under the stars, and surrounded by the Lord’s amazing creation is super incredible to me. 
That was the last picture that I captured from camp this weekend. Sunday they did one last message and then a baptism. Camp is seriously one of my favorite things that we do as a church. It is so eye opening and you are able to focus on so much more with out all of the distractions of life.
How was your weekends? Do anything special?
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