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Last Sunday marked the leaving of another job for me. Yes, I was sad to see the people go. I really enjoyed it there, and I loved the girls that I worked with. However, I am so excited for the future! I know that the future can be a very scary thing in life. I can remember going into middle school or high school and even graduating. There are always scary times in life. When a person does not know what is going to happen next.

However, I think that by not knowing what is going to happen we also have an exciting time on our hands. We have the opportunity to let God direct our path. It gives us the opportunity to trust him with whatever is going to happen next.

This is how I am looking at the coming year of college. I have my new internship starting today. I have no idea what this holds for me, or for my life. I am very excited to start something new, and I am eager to start already.

But with this eagerness always comes a sense of worry. I know that I must give this worry to Christ though. He can handle it. It is that sense of nerves that comes when we as humans don’t know how to handle what is coming. It is a new circumstance that we may have never been through before. It’s a new sort of roller coaster that we do not know what bumps and dips are ahead. However, I know that I have to just give all of my nervous to Christ. I know that he knows what the path ahead holds. He knows what bumps, lows, and highs are coming. And I just have to trust that he is going to protect me.

With all of my nervous though I am mostly excited. Excited to finally have friends at school, and excited to have a life and a group again. I cannot wait to plan, and do what I love. Being organized and planning is one of my strong points, and this is a job that I can finally use the gifts that God has given me. I cannot wait to finally put those gifts to use, and even learn how to use them better!

So here it is! To starting something new!


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