The Broke Girls Guide To The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you’re reading this post then I think you know that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has begun. You probably follow at least a few other bloggers who have talked or posted about the sale too. So I’ll start with a thank you for choosing to click on and read my round up and post about the sale. Even a bigger thank you if you choose to shop from my links! I really appreciate it!

So the sale. It’s huge! It’s a really great sale! HOWEVER, that does not mean you need to go crazy and spend all your money on every super cute sweater and cardigan offered in the sale. In fact, there are probably very few people who can actually do that, and if you’re reading my blog it’s probably because you can’t spend your money on everything you want. Self control and budgets are a real thing around these parts too.

So why is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale great?

The Nordstrom Sale is really great because a lot of good fall pieces are highly discounted on their first release. You don’t have to wait for things to go out of style or for the season to be over to finally purchase them. You get them at a great price right away. Another great thing about the sale is that you can get some really good basics and investment pieces for a good deal. In fact everything from that picture up above is stuff I already owned that’s included in this years sale!

And that is where I’m going to start my round up. I shopped the sale on the first day of early access, but had to shop online because my local store had very little selection. So nothing I have bought from this years sale is in my possession yet. I’ll have to do a post on that later. (hint..I will link what I bought later on so keep reading)

How to shop the sale and not go broke

I had to add this section since I named the blog post “The Broke Girls Guide” so here we are to the guide part. The key is to stick to a budget, but even if you can’t do that, than you need to only buy one of something. Unless you are moving to very soon to a completely different climate than you don’t need 10 new sweaters and 4 new coats. You just don’t need that many! I bet you still have 8 perfectly good and in style sweaters from last year. So don’t buy everything you like. The goal of fashion is to get you to like many things. The key is just buying one.

Another key is to buy pieces you can wear and that will last multiple years. These are called investment pieces. Items you should save up for. If you know your coat from the last few years is time to be passed on then save up to buy a new coat that maybe is over $100 so that it will last you another few years. That $12 sweater from Forever 21 is $12 for a reason. (Don’t get me wrong here. I love Forever 21 and all things cheap clothing. But they are fast fashion and aren’t made to last you the next 5 years.) The sweater that’s one sale for $45 and is originally $80 is probably going to be around for a few years and is a good investment.

With all of that being said there are a few things I’ve purchased from previous sales that are still going strong for me (i.e. investment pieces) and still in style. Reminder: you don’t need everything I suggest. I’m not saying to buy every link in this post. I am saying pick a few things, that fit within your budget, and buy the ones you’ll wear time and time again.

Things I already owned that’s included in this years sale:

Let’s start with this white top that I wore in Florida. While the white version isn’t included in the sale there is a beautiful rust colored one, and a polka dot green one. I think this top is such a good piece because it can be worn in all seasons. It’s light weight enough for the southern heat, but can totally be layered and worn into fall. With the two darker colors being offered this year I think they make the top even better for fall.

Onto some wintery clothing that I wear more often than I thought living in Southern California. I adore my Hunter Boots and my Nano Puff. In all honesty I own the one without a hood and bought it from the REI sale, but it rarely goes on sale and is included again this year! I completely think it’s worth the price and wear it very often.

Three other items I use frequently that are also on sale is the necklace I wear on a daily basis, a pillowcase that will help your hair and skin immensely, and an item included in my breakout combat post Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion.

Last honorary mention is the softest blanket ever! I know the barefoot dreams on is like everyone’s go to, but this one is significantly more affordable and has more of a variety of colors.

What I bought from this years sale

My list for this years sale was centered on a pair of flat brown booties. My current pair is a little worn down and could use an upgrade. I wear my booties all the time. Literally almost everyday. They are comfortable enough for me to stand in all day, walk long hours, literally I could even hike in my booties. That’s how much I like them. This years sale had a lot to choose from, and as previously mentioned I haven’t received my items yet so I have no idea how I’m going to like the ones I bought but I will for sure report back.

With my budget I knew I could only get one sweater from the sale so I was picky. I also fell hard for this jacket the moment I saw and bought it even though I probably shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist!

    • paige
    • July 16, 2019

    ok obsesssedddd with that madewell top but more importantly i love this post and how it focuses on quality over quantity and not going overboard just because it’s a sale 🙂 x

    1. Reply

      Thanks Paige! I totally fall into the trap of “Well it’s on sale” but really aimed not to this year!

  1. Reply

    OMG the Madewell wrap top is SO cute! I love the polka dot version – so fun!


    1. Reply

      Right! I love that there’s new colors!

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