Let’s Get Masking – The Best Face Masks For All Skin Types

face masks for all skin types
face masks for all skin types

Starting off with the same paragraph as my skin journey post. I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR PROFESSIONAL! While this is my story and the products and items that worked for me, not everything works the same on different skin types. Try what is best for your skin and always start off small. Don’t change all of your products at one time. Start with one for a week and then add in another new one. Always stop using something if your skin appears irritated. Some of the facts below do apply to everyone but products might vary for different people or skin types. You have to find what works best for you!

clarifying sulfur face masks
clean beauty face masks
the best clarifying and exfoliating masks

Masking. It’s great for your skin, and some people use it as self care time. For me, it’s both. Some days I’m trying to just get a quick mask in (tip – put it on before your shower and then hop in and wash your face last. The steam from the shower will really open your pores too), but other days it’s my time when I’m alone and can just veg. However, face masks are more than just self care and you should be wayyy more careful about which ones you use (hello sheet mask gift you received probably bought from the dollar section).

Face masks can do some very specific things for your skin, and be incredibly helpful in times of need. Ideally, you should be masking 2-3 times a week with different types of masks depending on what your skin needs. Everyone really only needs two types of face masks in their arsenal of skin care. One clarifying (or purging) and one exfoliating (and no I DO NOT mean the apricot scrub from hell). Both should be used about once a week. For me that looks like using each once a week on a good skin week, and using my purging mask twice a week when I’m struggling. I honestly really notice a difference when I have time to mask and when I don’t. The difference I see is in breakouts, and in pore size.

As I go through and list out some face masks I want you to remember you don’t need all of them! Just one or two from each section. You can easily build your collection, but just having one of each is perfectly fine! Something that I do is just heart all the masks on Sephora and then buy them as needed or when I have a little extra money. Another thing to note – a lot of these are clean beauty products!


Whether you have acne or breakout prone skin a clarifying mask is still helpful. I have acne prone skin so these are of utter importance to me. I find that sulfur based masks are most effective for me and my acne. Those are the masks I gravitate towards for this section.

My all time favorite clarifying mask is actually Rodan + Fields Unblemish Sulfur Wash. Shocker, because I would never recommend using Rodan + Fields! I just don’t use it as a wash and apply a layer all over my face (and sometimes neck when that’s breaking out) leave on for at least 5 minutes (sometimes like 30) and then rinse off.

Two other suggestions that I have tried before are the Sunday Riley Tea Tree mask and the Origins Clear Improvements. Both are extremely great! The Sunday Riley mask smells so strong and can sting a little at first, but works well! The rest of my suggestions I’ve linked below in the slider.


Let’s kick off this section by rethinking what you believe about exfoliating masks. You don’t have to scrub your face to get rid of dead skin. A chemical exfoliant is significantly better for you, and can do way more than just exfoliate. If it has AHA or BHA in it then it’s also going to be brightening and help with scarring. When you use a chemical exfoliant it can help reduce the appearance of larger pores as well as blackheads. If you are completely new to chemical exfoliation start out easy though. Don’t start out once a week! Start maybe every other week or start with a toner a once every three days. It can cause some redness and dryness as your skin adjusts. This isn’t bad! It just takes time for your skin to get used to the new product.

Now, I use a toner every day to exfoliate ( two toners that I alternate between that are AH-mazing are the Tarte Knock Out and Jordan Harper’s Toning Pads) , but on the days I use an exfoliating mask I obviously skip that part of my routine. You can over exfoliate and that will irritate your skin just as much as breakouts. So be careful you’re not exfoliating too much. The mask I use is Caudalie Glycolic Peel, and I only use it once a week. It’s great and good for all skin types.

Some of the other masks I’m going to suggest in the slider below need some explanation. If I don’t elaborate on them, but they are linked it just means they are great masks and good for all skin types.

If you have more sensitive skin I’d go for one of the ones I’m not going to elaborate on or the True Botanicals moisture mask. I am a big True Botanicals fan, and this mask is very gentle.

Some hardcore physical exfoliators (scrubs) that are actually good for your skin (again goodbye apricot scrub from target) are the Kora Exfoliating Mask, and Goldfaden Doctors Scrub. If you are going to add these into your routine I would only use them once a month and skip all other exfoliating masks that week.

** Now you might be asking is there a mask that does both clarify and exfoliate? And yes, there is! If you are only wanting to purchase one mask go for the Indie Lee Clearing Mask. It’s great for all skin types, and has clay and Glycolic and Salicylic Acids in it!


I’m including this section here for people with dry skin. That’s not me…but there are those out there and I do not want to exclude you. The thing about moisturizing masks…can they really be that moisturizing when you just wash them off your face? So here’s the deal. If you have dry skin and feel the need to have a moisturizing mask, let’s just get you a really heavy moisturizer that you can leave on your skin all night long. To me that seems much more effective and a wayyy better way to spend your money. 

The first suggestion I have for you is Origins Overnight Drink Up mask. I’ve tried it and loved it! You can also use it on dry places on your body like heels or elbows. Another overnight one is again by True Botanicals. Lastly, a great thick moisturizer you can slather on is by Weleda. If you aren’t super dry Weleda does have a lighter version of their Skin Food.

What are your tried and true masks?


    • Em
    • March 3, 2020

    I LOVE the Origins masks – the charcoal one is so so good!

  1. Reply

    I am dying to try the Caudalie Glycolic Peel! It sounds AMAZING. Love this entire post, Mariah!


    1. Reply

      Do it! I use it weekly!

    • Stephanie
    • March 1, 2020

    Oh wow! I’ve never tried any of these masks – but I’m constantly looking for new favorites. I gotta admit that my go-to is a good charcoal mask. I love the one by Origins and also the one by GlamGlow. I need to get my hands on some of these!

    1. Reply

      Oh yeah! Can’t believe I forgot GlamGlow!

  2. Reply

    Such a good tutorial – and adorable pics! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Reply

      Hope it helps!

    • Ophelia
    • February 28, 2020

    Great tips! I have dry skin so I’m always looking for a good moisturizing mask. I will be trying a few of your picks next time I’m shopping for skincare!

    1. Reply

      Definitely try the Origins drink up mask. It’s great for dry skin.

  3. Reply

    Love a good face mask…I want them all! xoxo, Sarah

    1. Reply

      I heart them on sephora and buy a new one when I have extra money.

  4. Reply

    Such a good post !! I need to do one of these face masks ASAP!

    1. Reply

      Yes! They can make such a difference!

  5. Reply

    I love finding new face masks! I need to try this one out!!

    cute & little

    1. Reply

      Yes! Theres so many good ones and they can help so much!

  6. Reply
    1. Reply

      It’s so good and moisturizing!

  7. Reply

    i LOVE a good face mask!! I have tried some of these but will have to add others to my list! thanks for sharing, girl.

    xx rebecca //

    1. Reply

      Yes! Make sure you get the right ones for your skin.

  8. Reply

    Thanks for sharing! This is a great post! I don’t use many face masks, but you make me want to try it again!

    1. Reply

      They are great to add in to your routine. They can totally help your skin!

    • Lizzie
    • February 26, 2020

    What a great post! I love using face masks and have a few different ones that I use. Definitely saving this to refer back to!


    1. Reply

      They can be so great for your skin.

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