That Friday Feeling No. 8

sister graduation picture

May the 4th be with you! Happy May! Even better, happy Star Wars Day! I can’t believe it’s already May. This year is flying by! I’m already thinking about June and planning summer trips. It’s going to be fall before we know it. It’s really true that the older you get the faster the years pass.

Weekend Plans

My sister graduated this week from college and so we are celebrating her this weekend! I can’t believe we are both thru college. My parents did it! They have college graduates now. Her party is Saturday night and it’s just all about her. Tonight I am heading to a friends house for a little girls night though and I am so excited. I haven’t seen my friend in at least a month so getting to spend some time together is going to be so nice!


So…technically not watching yet, but Saturday I am seeing Avengers! I can’t believe its taken me a week to see it but here I go. I am so excited! I’ve managed to avoid any spoilers so far!


I have been eyeing that USA shirt from Brandy Melville lately, but I just can’t justify spending like $25 on a cotton t-shirt like that. I saw this one on amazon and I think it’s a pretty good dupe. I really like the navy version, and they did have a pink one but it looks like that’s out of stock. I haven’t pulled the trigger to buy it yet, but I am close! I really like it and I have read all the reviews. So it seems like a good option.


Any Friends fans out there?! I loved this article from The Everygirl. If you go back and watch episodes now Rachel Green’s style is totally coming back in! I mean the overalls and the tied button ups. Everything does come back around one day.

Another blog post I loved this week was from Camryn at Coral and Charm. Her and her husband (they are the cutest) just celebrated 2 years of marriage. She wrote a post and shared some wedding photos. I loved though how she pointed everything back to the Gospel. I loved how they even included that in their vows. It’s so sweet and life giving. You have to go read it!


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