That Friday Feeling No. 7

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Happy Friday friends! I felt the need to use one of my rodeo pics from last weekend today. I’m still sad it’s over already. I went two out of the three days and I seriously just love it so much. Each day I went I took some friends who had never been to a rodeo before! Which is so crazy to me! They weren’t even all from So Cal, so that can’t even be the excuse. How many of you have been to a rodeo before? Big or large?

Weekend Plans

This weekend very much revolves around church stuff for me. Which is a good thing and I’m excited. Lately, my goal is to build community and meet more people my age. Life flipped a few months ago and with that blank slate comes the need for a new sense of home. While that change still stings and sucks making new friends can be exciting. Even for the introvert in me (totally intimidated and freaking out), I am still aiming to see the exciting possibility. So a few new church services I’m throwing in there. I also am attending this conference Saturday called the Fearless Generation. It’s all about approaching real world issues we encounter from a Biblical perspective. Super excited for it!


Once again, shopping not buying. We are on a good streak here guys. Really trying to save that money. I do have some basic amazon purchases I need to make soon. My lists are becoming a little long. Maybe that’ll make next weeks post. Today I want to talk about neck scarfs. I linked a ton in this IG post but I also want to link them here. After finally wearing my first one out in public I am a huge fan! Now I want more and these are some I am eyeing.


I want to share off two different blogs today who are sharing ideas for two different events for this season. The first is prom. Do y’all remember going to prom? I went three years but I think my sophomore prom was by far my favorite. I had a big group of friends who all went together. It was seriously so much fun! Kate from Lonestar Southern is showing off a dress from Bloomingdales that is stunning! She just looks so beautiful. This dress makes me want to find an occasion to go all out for. Literally she’s perfect!

Second I just discovered Danielle from Lou What Wear. She has a whole tab on her blog dedicated to Derby style right now. It’s Derby time! While I have never been to a horse race, it’s on my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to go to one! Find some fabulous hat and get all cute. It seems like such a fun day to me.


Lately I am trying to get back into the habit of working out. My plan has been to work out every time I have to wash my hair. So it’s about 2 to 3 times a week. I have to say I have been doing a pretty good job at it too! This week I did this kettle bell workout and many did it kick my butt! I am still sore days later. It wasn’t very hard, but I think the repetition of the moves is what really gets ya.

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    I try shopping and not buying, and it never seems to work. Hahaha. Also, I read Lonestar Southern almost every single day, it’s one of my favorites!

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