That Friday Feeling No. 6

friday feeling coffee instagram

friday feeling coffee instagram

Weekend Plans:

It’s Rodeo weekend!! I love the Rodeo and it kicks off horse week in this little town next to where I live. It’s so fun for the people who actually live there and participate in all the fun activities they do throughout the week. I love to go watch and see everyone get so into it. Plus it’s fun to see the rodeo and then see all the people do fun stunts with their own horses after. It’s like their own little rodeo to participate in. My boots from last weeks post came in on time and I am stoked to get to wear them out. Other than the rodeo all weekend I am also getting lunch with a girl I used to go to school with who is now a blogger too! I love meeting up with fellow bloggers and going on fun adventures!


Key word shopping and not buying! I’ve done pretty good this week without buying anything. I am on the hunt for a new everyday purse though. I’ve felt kind of blah with the ones I’ve been using and I just can’t seem to find one that is a good size and still holds everything. If you have any suggestions let me know!

Two other things that just about every blogger and their mother is talking about that I am shopping (eyeing…maybe buying…we’ll see). One, the Gal Meets Glam collection! Julia has been working so hard to get this up and running and I can’t imagine the emotions she must be going through now that it is finally here. The dresses are seriously stunning! They are little on the pricier end but I am sure that they are worth it. I haven’t gone into the Nordstrom that is carrying them yet but I bet you that the fabrics are totally worth the price point they are at.

Second, the Sephora VIB sale. Now, I am not usually a Sephora shopper (hello Ulta and Target). However, there are certain things that only Sephora carries, like Khiels and many others. In my opinion it’s at least worth checking out. I won’t be doing a round up since I’m not really a high end make up gal but here’s some other bloggers who posted about it and I 100% love their make up choices and constantly am watching what they buy. Emily from The Sweetest Thing is a makeup goddess! I just love Ashley all around, and I can’t forget Cristin over at The Southern Style Guide.


It feels like forever since I’ve used my movie pass, but I finally did this week. I talked about the documentary The Dating Project over on instagram stories, but y’all it is seriously so good! Watch the little preview on their site, and definitely check it out if it is showing in your town or when it’s on DVD. Another movie I watched this week (from my bed though), was Forever My Girl. I thought it was pretty cute. It was totally your typical cheesy predictable chick flick though. But worth renting if you’re having a girls night or in the mood.

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    I have been SO excited for the Gal meets Glam collection, and have heard about it from a lot of other bloggers too! It definitely is a stunning collection.

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      Right they are all so pretty! I want one so bad!

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    ok you already know this is my fave series that you post.. but seriously i am always learning from it! love discovering other blogs and thank you for the shout out 🙂 xx

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