That Friday Feeling No. 4

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Loving: I have instagrams discover page to thank for this one, but it suggested this photo from Jess Keys and I was instantly drawn to it! After stalking her instagram and watching all her instagram stories I am obsessed! She is so cute and funny! Her husband and her are adorable (also her ring is gorgeous!) and they seem to have so much fun with each other. Of, course after heading to her blog I love her even more.

Buying: If you haven’t noticed this section of That Friday Feeling changes from buying and shopping. While I didn’t intend for it to be this way it really has kept me accountable and is making me realize what I am spending my money on each week and what weeks I spend a lot and what weeks I spend a little. This week was a lot of “unintentional” spending but so many things were on sale! I have decided I really just need to stay away from Old Navy. Their clothes just go on sale so often and layering coupons and it gets so good! I really can’t look anymore there! I have to take a break. Also, Ashley, from Twenties Girl Styled, post this photo and I fell in love with the dress and purchased it too! It will be perfect for the warmer months and with cute wedges I think I could wear it to work.

Listening: Scotty McCreery has a new album out and it’s pretty good. He has some really cute songs including one all about his long time girlfriend becoming his fiancé. Seriously so adorable!

I’m including a second listening to this section and it’s not your typical “listening” area. A friend showed me this sermon series and I have been loving it. I listening to the third one yesterday morning and I think that one is so far my favorite of the 8 included. The first one is such a good start though. I am super into learning more about the church who put on the series and their young adult ministry that they have. If you are dating, single, or have a teenager seriously take a listen and share it with all your friends and make your teenagers listen. It’s so good!

Weekend Plans: This weekend should be very chill. I am house sitting down by the beach and am excited to get to relax. I have some invitation designs to work on as well as an exciting project for the blog coming at the end of next week!

Reading: I am so proud of my blogger friend Amy Beth! Her adorable home is featured on The Every Girl this week and it’s so amazing! I love getting to see her succeed and watching her life from afar. Go drool over her home along with every other preppy girl!

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    You totally got my Friday mood going 😀

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      Aw yay! Hope it was a good one Tracey!

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