That Friday Feeling No. 23

loungewear outfit
loungewear outfit

Well what a time to be alive! I don’t have to tell you how the entire world is turned upside down. We are all self quarantined in our homes, some of us working, some of us out of a job, so much unknown. With all that is going on most of us still want to see the happy things, how people are trying to still get on like normal, and that’s what I’m going to try to do!

Weekend Plans

At this point in time I am out of work. My job doesn’t allow me to work from home, and our university is completely closed down. God is graciously providing pay, but just like everyone else in the world we are unsure how long that will last. I’m taking this as my crash course of what being a freelancer would be like. So far not great. lol I feel like I’ve done nothing all week, and it’s amazing how quick days can pass doing nothing.

This weekend I plan on spending some family time. Adam and I will drive to my parents and spend some time all together tomorrow. Past that who knows! When you don’t have anything to do during the week your weekends don’t look much different.


During all this self quarantine time we all have tonnnnsssss of time to watch tv! Adam and I have been loving The Morning Show on Apple TV. Totally not what I expected, but am a big fan already!

If you haven’t seen Taylor Tomlinson’s Netflix special yet you are missing out! I hadn’t heard of her prior to seeing it, but am now a fan! She’s hilarious and for the 20 somethings this is totally relatable.

Wedding Update

I figured I’d add some wedding updates into these Friday Feelings posts as time goes on. Obviously I’ll have Wedding Wednesday posts, but here’s a spot to get some smaller updates that won’t be for a full blog post.

Let’s be honest, with all that is going on in the world wedding planning sucks right now. It’s been really hard to make decisions with so much uncertainty. My heart hurts so much for all the brides and weddings that are having to be postponed. I can’t imagine planning for a year or more and then having something so out of your control change it all.

For Adam and I it looks like deciding on when we have a wedding. The quicker timeline we were looking at doesn’t seem reasonable in the case that this doesn’t slow down by summer. Postponing obviously would suck though too. We’ve discussed every option from a court house, to eloping, to waiting a year, to having weddings on both coasts. It’s all been put on the table. It’s quite hard for me to finally get to be able to plan a wedding, something I’ve waited a long time to do, and then have to deal with all of these unknowns.

Ultimately the Lord is in control and it will all work itself out according to His plan, but I’d really love to know what that is right about now. Kate, from Lonestar Southern, wrote a beautiful letter to all the brides affected by COVID-19 right now. My sentiments to y’all and myself are the same. My heart goes out to each one of us.


Liz has been sharing wellness month on Hello Adams Family and it’s been great! She’s had trained professionals from a variety of fields do Q&A’s.

In Case You Missed It

I shared 5 easy week night dinners. All of us are having to eat at home right now, so it’s a great time to try out new recipes!

Our proposal story is up! Both Adam and I shared our perspective, along with some of the gorgeous pictures.


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