That Friday Feeling No. 20

couples christmas tree farm

A weekly review of what Mariah’s been buying, reading, watching, to what her weekend plans are. It’s just a Friday Feeling kind of a thing!

couples christmas tree farm

I love when things ironically just work out. Number 20 of my That Friday Feeling series just happened to be for the last post leading into 2020. How crazy that worked that way! The decade is ending and that feels wild for my brain to comprehend. I know it’s not the first decade I’ve seen, but it feels like the first one I’ve truly understand we are changing over. It really makes you reflect on things.

Holiday Break Plans

Woot woot! Holiday break! I’m so excited! One of the benefits of working at a university is we actually get a break. I end work today (12/20) and come back to work Monday (1/6).

For Christmas this year looks wildly different and new. Adam and I will be with my family this weekend and up until Christmas Day. We are decorating gingerbread houses with my sister and her husband on Sunday (expect an epic competition to commence, I’m sure I’ll have y’all vote on IG stories). We’ll do Christmas Eve service with my parents and then are spending the night with them to have Christmas morning at their house as well. I’m ready for Adam to see all the holiday traditions! Christmas morning will be with my family and extended family.

Then we hop on a plane! Adam’s family travels somewhere new every Christmas, this time I’m joining in. This year they picked Mexico City! We’ll be there from the 26-30, then head to Flordia to spend some time in his home town before we have to be back at work. This is the first time I’m traveling for the holidays so any advice will be much appreciated!

What are your holiday plans this year?


Paige wrote an amazing blog post about the impact small acts have on the world around us. She calls it The Butterfly Effect.

The online magazine A Beautiful Mess shared this DIY post about making your own reusable makeup wipes. I posted about buying these awhile ago and still love them!

Kate, from Lonestar Southern, shared 5 tips on how to grow your love for reading the Bible. I started blogging because I saw people use their platforms to share their faith. I love Kate and the platform she has. It’s so inspiring to see her include her faith into her day to day life and then share it with her readers.


Obviously all the holiday movies lately. We recently watched the Netflix series Merry, Happy, Whatever and thought it was very funny. It reminds me of a Disney Channel show. Let’s be real though I probably thought it was funny because the dynamics are very similar to my family!

In Case You Missed It

Since it’s been a bit there have been quite a few posts on Moo’s Musing. I hope you’ve checked them out. I’m going to highlight some of my favorites here!

I am still LOVING this sweater. I wear it far more than I’d like to admit. It is so cozy and such a decent price!

Getting to decorate my own space for the holidays was really a highlight for me.

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    Merry (early) Christmas!! I’m so excited to watch these gingerbread wars – such a fun way to celebrate the holiday! I hope you have a great few weeks off from work!


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      Such a fun little competition. Who knew I’d be so bad at it lol

    • paige
    • December 20, 2019

    happy holidays!! i hope you have the best time and cannot wait to hear about all of your travels 🙂 and to see all you do and accomplish in 2020 🙂 grateful for you always xx

    ps thank you so much for including my butterfly post! you’re such a supportive friend in so many ways, i cannot thank you enough 🙂 x

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      Love you girly! <3

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