That Friday Feeling no. 2

girl in car

girl in car

Not going to lie this post is going up late, and I was totally lacking content for it. Week two people and I am struggling! But I really want to work on being consistent so here I am anyway. Maybe a little shorter than last week, but still here!

Buying: This week Old Navy had a great sale and I bought a few really good basic pieces. The sale that applied when I shopped is over, but they still having 15% off. I linked the things I bought first and then some other great finds at Old Navy right now. I also shopped the Southern Shirt 20% off sale. A tip is that I can fit into the youth’s t-shirts. #I’mTiny. So I can usually get the same tee as the adults but for much cheaper! Also a recent purchase as of this week…Brett Eldredge tickets!!! Wooooo!!! So freaking excited! This is his first head lining tour and I am not missing out! I’ve seen him twice before as an opener. He is definitely one of my favorites! I can’t wait to see him in July.

Weekend Plans: Friday I am getting dinner with a girl friend and then preferably sleeping in on Saturday! This week has been pretty busy and I have not been sleeping well. I am really looking forward to relaxing. Saturday afternoon I am planning on shooting my sisters senior portraits. I still can’t believe she is graduating in May! I also get to go pick up my big floor mirror! I have wanted one for so long but they can be really expensive. I found this one online and on sale! I have been waiting like two weeks for it to arrive in store. Be prepared to see it on IG this weekend.

Listening: Hannah from Oh What A Sight To See posted about a few country songs on Instagram stories and they were so good! Jordan Davis is one of the singers and I really loved his stuff! This song I think is my favorite.

Throwback: I’ve been hunting down a new profile picture and man is that harder than you’d expect. I take pictures all the time so none of them feel good enough. As I was searching I came across this post and I really do like this outfit. These pants are back in stock and I wear them to work all the time!


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