That Friday Feeling No. 18

santa barbara madewell gingham

A weekly review of what Mariah’s been buying, reading, watching, to what her weekend plans are. It’s just a Friday Feeling kind of a thing!

santa barbara madewell gingham

Weekend Plans

I’m super excited for this weekend! Tonight I am spending some time at my parents house before my sister moves out on Saturday. I get to sleep in Saturday morning, and then Adam and I are going to a football game. This might not seem that exciting for most of you, but here’s the real kicker. I’ve never been to a football game before. Not highschool, not college, never! This will be my first one ever! We are going to see USC play Standford in LA Saturday night. It’s something I for sure feel like I missed out on, and am really excited for this first experience.


If you thought I wouldn’t be mentioning Taylor Swift’s new album than you obviously haven’t read my about page. I absolutely love this cd! There is such a variety of types of music or sounds on it, and the romantic vibe can be felt throughout.


We’re going to start off with a bit of a sad topic here. Meghan, Wit and Whimsy, was diagnosed with skin cancer recently. She wrote a whole blog post about it and it’s a great reminder to get your yearly physicals and body scans. Thank God she is okay, and they got all the cancer out with surgery!

If you saw this instagram post, I lost one of my favorite scarves in Charleston. Kristin, Color By K, shared some great places to pick up new ones.

Last blog post I want to point out is probably one of my favorites. Chelsea, Chelsea as of Late, shared her tips for content creating while traveling. If you’re a fellow blogger or instagramer than we all know how much we take photos. This post is just the best help with that! Having traveled with my boyfriend for the first time this summer, we totally ran into some of these issues when I wanted pictures. I wish I had read this before to prep him a bit.

In Case You Missed It

The last few blog posts on Moo’s Musing are great lifestyle posts. I shared ways that I save money while shopping online, and 8 items I use every day.

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    Thank you so much for helping spread awareness with your readers through my story!!

    1. Reply

      Of course! Thank you for being so vulnerable.

  2. Reply

    Football games are fun, although I’ve only been to a High School game…Came real close this past Christmas to go to a Green Bay Packers game but it was freezing and I chickened out! I went straight to the Beer, Wine and Brats tent just outside the stadium and watched the Game on Giant TVs. LOLOL Have fun at the game!

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      Oh I bet that would have been sooo cold! I totally would have done the same thing Cynthia.

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    OMG, I can’t believe you’ve never been to a football game! You’re going to have a freakin’ blast!


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      Right! It was soooo fun! Next is a Georgia Tech one.

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