That Friday Feeling No. 17

Fourth of July Couple instagram pic

A weekly review of what Mariah’s been buying, reading, watching, to what her weekend plans are. It’s just a Friday Feeling kind of a thing!

Fourth of July Couple instagram pic

Weekend Plans

My boyfriend is currently traveling for work which leaves my weekend very very slow! He’s gone 11 days and I’ve enjoyed the slower pace and alone time, but am ready for him to come home now. Saturday I plan to clean my house and room, and clean his apartment for him before he comes home too. Sunday I’m heading to get a massage with my best friend!


We are not going to talk about the Nordstrom Sale today! If you want to check out that post you can head here. I was disappointed with my order of booties this year so I scoured Nordstrom Rack’s website and placed a big order. I’m waiting for those to come in and hopefully I’ll end up with a good pair of flat booties for fall.

I had also been eyeing this hamper since Julia, Gal Meets Glam, posted about it and finally placed the order. It’s so cute and I love the pattern.


My friend recently told me about the book A Love Letter Life. I’m almost half way through and am enjoying it. It’s about pursuing love intentionally and creatively.

Kate, from A Lonestar Southern, has been sharing all her wedding day posts lately and I am loving them! She just shared her first round of photos, and her trailer sneak peak.


I feel so behind on this, but my sister introduced me to Schitt’s Creek and it’s hilarious!! My mom also just told me about Outlander so I’ll definitely be checking that out too.

In Case You Missed It

-This week I shared my Charleston City Guide

-I’ve shared 3 posts in my skincare series so far; My Skin Journey, Routine, and how I treat a breakout.


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