That Friday Feeling No. 12

loft dress moos musing

loft dress moos musing
It has been far too long since I’ve done a That Friday Feeling post! I promise I haven’t forgotten about them and we will get back to regular programing soon. Life has just been crazy this summer, but I am not complaining. I’ve gotten to go to Texas, DC, and Georgia! The ability to travel is such a blessing and I’ve loved getting to see so many new places. My summer travels have ended, and school is starting soon at the university I work at so things are finally winding down. It’s a bitter sweet thing when summer ends. You’re kinda happy to get back into a rhythm, but also kinda sad all the adventures are ending. Shorter days are coming but also cooler days (hopefully). I’m not quiet ready for summer to end yet, but I also am starting to get excited for fall.

Weekend Plans

One of my close friends has started this Facebook group with girls from our church in the hopes of forming a closer community. We had a movie night a few weeks ago and this weekend we are doing a breakfast get together and painting pillow cases. I absolutely love the concept! I’ve gotten to meet some other girls in the church I didn’t know already. Community is so important in all aspects of life and doing these little get togethers is a perfect way to be intentional. The rest of my weekend should be very chill. I have some cleaning at home to do and hopefully work on some blog stuff as well.


My recent purchases are a little scattered. J Crew Factory is having a major sale right now and this skirt is only $15! I know fall is coming but for those of us who live places that stay hot til October this would be a great time to stalk up on some transition pieces. They also have tons of bathing suit pieces left.

Another recent purchase that I am super excited about is a new camera! I used Rachel’s last weekend at #TBScon and have been wanting an upgrade anyway so I finally pulled the trigger. I’m super excited about it. Now to save up for a new lens!


Speaking of #TBScon, one of the sponsors was Waiting On Martha and they gave us a gift card. Maybe because I’m not from the south (sadly…) but I had never heard of them before. I’ve been perusing their website and am totally in love! Any time I need a gift I think I’ll be buying from them now. There is so many cute things! I don’t even know what I’m going to spend my gift card on yet. Here’s some of the things I’ve been eyeing.


Crazy Rich Asians! Y’all if you haven’t seen this movie yet you need to! In fact I just found your weekend plans for ya. Boom! There ya go! It was sooooo good! I loved everything about it. The fashion was amazing, it was funny, and so cute. I laughed and cried! I mean that alone says it’s a good movie right there. Seriously such a great RomCom.


Since it’s been so long since my last one of these I have a few posts that have stood out. I hate that when traveling I don’t get to read as many blogs consistently. Bloglovin’ is a huge help with that and keeps everything I haven’t read yet in one place. If you don’t use Bloglovin’ I seriously recommend it! Not to mention you could also head there and give me a follow 😉

-Nicole from Cedar & Rush had a some great suggestions for souvenirs while you travel. I bought perfume and some shirts in Paris and it’s true, every time I wear them it makes me reminisce being there. I think buying something the locals wear is a brilliant idea!

-I am loving the idea being Gal Meets Glam new series, Gal On A Budget. I think we all wish we could live like Julia and wear beautiful dresses all time while traveling the world. Her style is impeccable but her taste is also expensive. This series she just started on her blog is great because there are amazing dupes for the things she wears and owns. I love a good dupe myself and love to hunt dupes down. This takes the hunting step out and yet gives you some great options that look like her style.

The next blog post I loved is from my friend Caitlyn. It’s all about the first date and letting it be that. A first date! I may or may not have been referenced. lol

Carly had a post lately about her comment section. It honestly was so sad to read. I am by no means a big blogger and hate comments isn’t something I’ve had to deal with, but growing up I did deal with cyber bullying and it’s just not fun. We all need to remember that just because we are behind a screen doesn’t mean we can say anything we want. Harassment is harassment whether it is face to face or online.

In Case You Missed It

This week I shared all about my recent Blog Societies Conference, and the stuff I learned there. Another post I shared was about some new to me beauty products and my reviews about them. I may have to update this post though as I recently am learning all about the difference between chemical and physical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreen can be some scary stuff. I dare you to google it and find out how long it stays in your body. Craziness!


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