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Southern Marsh Moo's MusingY’all we made it to the weekend. I could not be more happy about that. Life has been kicking me in the butt. I’ve had so much to do and I finally feel like I’m on top of it. My to do list is mostly completed and I feel very accomplished. Last weekend I was in Texas helping with an event, Harvest America. If you have the time you should totally go back and watch the archive. It was so amazing to be apart of all the Lord did. I didn’t think I was going to get to see much of the Fort Worth area, but I did! I even got to go to Waco. I’ll have to do a small little recap all about that here on the blog.

Weekend Plans

This weekend is still a busy one, but hopefully my last jam packed weekend of the summer. The rest should be much more enjoyable. Tomorrow I am the social media coverage for this massive wedding my old boss is coordinating. This wedding is going to be magnificent and you should all follow along on instagram stories. Keep an eye out and I’ll tell ya where to watch. That is how I’ll be spending my entire day Saturday, but I am not complaining. I loved working as a wedding planner and am thrilled to participate in a wedding again in any sort of way. Then of course Sunday is Father’s Day and dad gets to pick whatever he wants for that. I don’t think he has decided on anything just yet. Are y’all ready to celebrate the father figures in your life?


Disappointingly I have not seen any new movies lately. It feels like a waste of my movie pass with how few films I’ve seen. I just haven’t had time to go to the movies. There’s tons out and coming out I want to go see but finding the time has been difficult. Hopefully in the coming weeks! I did start Anna Karenina on netflix this week. I’m fascinated in how it’s filmed and made to see like it is all being preformed on the stage. I think it’s a fun little spin on the movie.


This week I’m throwing in a Spotify playlist with a ton of great new country music! Next From Nashville. I listened to it this week while finishing up all the wedding invitation suites I had due and there’s some great new stuff! Lanco had some new ones on their from their recently released CD and I’m a fan!


We’re back to buying this week with a few items. I scored this top from Madewell and I’m so excited for it to arrive. I love the different sizes of gingham. I’ve also bought some new skincare items that I think are working out really well. Once I get my acne under control I will totally plan on doing a post full of all the things I’ve learned, tried and loved, and hated. I’m trying out this new sunscreen that Jordan Harper recommended today and so far so good. It’s not greasy and I’m hoping it doesn’t make me oily at all. Two other things I bought from Amazon that I’m loving is Differin and this Light Therapy Pen my dermatologist recommended. I’ve been using Differin every other night to ease my skin into it. It’s super drying and the sides of my mouth started peeling at first, but now I think I’m used to the product. The Light Pen is perfect for a spot treatment. I totally notice that it reduces size and the length of time a cyst can last. Totally worth it and it’s not expensive at all!


The first blog post I wanna share is from Kaci Nicole. She gave a little speech on her instagram about this blog post and I resonated with it so much. She talks about the goodness of God and how sometimes we are so focused on the situation we are going through and how we can’t see how things will ever work out that we miss what God is doing. When we focus on His promises and remember all He has done for us in the past than we are crazy to believe He wouldn’t come through now. This is probably one of my favorite quotes from the post, but go read the rest too! “God is not a tease. He doesn’t dangle fruit from the land in front of us only to snatch it away and give us something less than instead. He WILL fulfill His promises to us. What He has for us IS good—whatever it may be and however and whenever it may come about.”

Second blogger is the wonderful Abby from Twist Me Pretty. If you don’t know who she is you should because her hairstyles are amazing. Not to mention I don’t know how she wrangles all those kids. I am constantly am amazed by her mothering skills. The post I wanna mention is her messy buns post. She recently did a video on 5 different bun hairstyles and I love them all. They are all unique and all doable!


To end this post I have to point y’all back to the giveaway that is going on right now until Monday! I’m giving away a Radley London bag and you don’t want to miss out. It’s super easy to enter. You can enter on the blog or on instagram. Head over to this blog post!


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