That Friday Feeling No. 10

Reputation Tour Taylor Swift Outfit

Reputation Tour Taylor Swift Outfit

Happy Friday! I apologize for the lack of a Friday post last week. I had so much going on that it just didn’t happen. Last weekend was a busy one! Friday I got to attend the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour and it was AH-MAZING! Seriously y’all so good! She always puts on way more of a performance than just a typical concert and it is always so good and out does the last. There were snakes, fire, dancers, and fireworks all included! Then Saturday I shopped in store with Athleta which you can read about here. It was such a busy weekend filled with fun things but I had so much to do for my design business that I accomplished basically none of it.

Weekend Plans

Which leads me into what I will be doing this weekend…a whole lot of work! I’m kicking things off tonight with a little Girls Night Out with my sister and a friend. I’m excited to have something to look forward to after work and to maybe get a little shopping in. 😉 Saturday I have a one year olds birthday party and after that it will be time to kick my butt into gear! My car really needs a good vacuum and wash, as well as my room could use a good cleaning. Then I have some serious work to catch up on for my designer side. Invitations to print and cut, envelopes to be addressed, and some business cards to design. Oh, and some signs to paint for my friends baby shower! Can’t forget those.

Then my mama’s birthday is Sunday and Monday will be a day to relax or finish up whatever I didn’t accomplish Saturday. While I know I have a lot on my to-do list I am excited to spend some days simply at home. My introvert side really needs some time to clean and work all on my own. Any one else that way? A day without makeup at home sounds glorious to me!

With Memorial Day this weekend I don’t want to forget to mention the men and women who have served and are serving our country. They make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and we can’t forget to honor them.


I haven’t bought anything yet but there are tons of great sales this weekend! One of the many Nordstrom sales is going on, J. Crew is having a big one, REI, and Loft. There’s two different jackets I’ve been eying and I’m not sure if I only buy one or both. I’ve wanted a nano puff for awhile now and they are included in REI’s anniversary sale. Also this J. Crew denim jacket is included in both sales on Nordstrom and their own website. I have a really dark denim jacket but I’ve kind of been wanting a lighter wash and this one seems like a good option. Also some dresses from Abercrombie caught my eye this week too.


I stumbled upon this article via Twitter and seriously love it. Every girl really does need to read this. Young or old! It’s by Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and she spits some serious wisdom out for us all. She writes it as if she’s talking to a younger sister or friend and I think that’s a really cool perspective.

The next article is from Carly The Prepster. Side note: She’s amazing and I’ve been following her from some time now and you all should too! One of her latest blog posts is all about the things that make her happy. This post makes me want to write my own list (which I probably will now). I love the people who can find the beauty in everyday life. It’s one of my goals for this blog is to help people find that. There’s some amazing gifts God gives us that we miss out on from moving too fast or focusing on the negative. By writing a list of the beautiful things that bring each of us joy I think it’s a way of seeing the good all around us.


The new Star Wars movie Solo. I saw it last night and loved it! It felt very much like Star Wars which is always my worry with the new movies they’ve been coming out with. I won’t give anything away but y’all should go see it!


With the start of summer coming with Memorial Day I thought I’d throw it back to last years summer vacation to Canada! I just love summer vacations, getting to travel, and seeing everyone else travel too. We’ll also throw it back to last week and this blog post about what the Lord has been showing me.

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    ahh so much in this post i don’t know where to start.. happy birthday to your mom! buy both jackets!! and love the throwback posts you linked to 🙂 xx

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      Totally bought both jackets! #treatyoself

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