That Friday Feel No. 5

Moo's Musing 5 years of blogging

Moo's Musing 5 years of blogging

This picture ironically worked in so many ways with it being Moo’s Musing 5 year anniversary and this being the 5th Friday Feeling. That was in no way planned! HA! So funny! Anyway, you didn’t think I gave up on these already did you?! I know its been like two weeks since the last one but we are back! Again, thank you all so much for being so patient with the redesign and how it took longer than expected. I really really appreciate it. I actually kind of missed doing these style of posts the last two weeks. It’s a nice little round up to keep y’all up to date on my life and for me to even look back and see what my week has been like. So here we go!

Weekend Plans

I’m going to start off here because I feel like I have been going non stop. I haven’t had one good night at home since like Easter. I have been so busy (with good things) but man am I tired. This past weekend my mom and I were gone at our churches women’s retreat and it was amazing! Jen Wilkin was the speaker and seriously the messages were so good! You can actually listen to them online for the next two weeks. I’ll link them here and in the Listening portion below. So my weekend plans are literally nothing! I plan to sleep in tomorrow, wash my car, and relax at home. Clean my room, do laundry, all the things I haven’t got to do since I haven’t been home. It will be glorious to just chill! I am seriously looking forward to it.


I have got to stop buying things! Like seriously I am putting myself and spending on pause. This weekend we stopped by a J Crew and if you saw the try on session on Instagram you know that I scored some great things! I linked everything above and it’s also all on my recently purchased page. Another thing that I bought this week was a new pair of cowboy boots! I can’t link them above so you can see them here. I am so excited for them to arrive. I wear my moms boots all the time but I figured it was time that I have my own. They were by no means a cheap purchase, but I really loved this pair and really wanted my own. Plus it’s almost summer which means country concerts are coming!


There’s been a few worship songs that have caught my eye lately as well the sermons mentioned above. I am sure you’ve probably heard Reckless Love . I feel like it’s been everywhere lately! Even Justin Bieber was singing it. Last night at my women’s Bible study the worship band played this song that I had never heard before. I really liked what it says about allowing the Lord to breathe on our hearts. He must be the fire that keeps us going and he must also be the breathe that fills us and puts that fire in us for His Word.

Then, again, if you skipped above you have to hear Jen Wilkin’s messages. She went through Psalm 139 but in a new sort of way. She talked about how instead of it being all about us and how much God knows us but rather how much it talks about Him and the attributes of God. Seriously, go give it a listen!


I feel like I should have a ton of posts to point y’all to from the past two weeks, but I kind of don’t… With the redesign I have been so focused on that I have barely had time to catch up on my favorite blogs. Slowly but surely I am getting back to checking so here’s just a few that I have loved.

-Brighton talked about different shampoo’s and what each has it’s purpose for.

Amy Beth shared the most hilarious story about her new overalls and her husbands reaction. Along with some great marriage or relationship tips.

Michelle shared some great ways to get Free People clothing at discounts. I don’t wear their clothing a lot but I think these were all super helpful and I’ve seen their stuff at Macy’s at a discounted rate!


So while I was working (still am working) on all the background stuff for the blog I came across this post from about 3 years ago. I don’t know what it is about this post I love so much! Maybe it’s because the lighting was really good that day? I don’t know but I loved it. After that I posted a picture from the post to Instagram and everyone freaked! To me it was no big deal but I forgot how long it’s been since I have had a different hair color. So many people in my life now have never seen me with anything but my natural brown hair. I totally forgot! I do kinda miss being blonde. I’ve been thinking about going back or at least adding some balayage highlights in. What do you think?

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    Happy anniversary to your little blog! That is so, so cool how this blog post has worked out. Sometimes it’s good to have no weekend plans. I think I could use one of those. Or two. Ok, maybe like ten, then I’ll be done.

    Honestly, I prefer your hair brown, but some highlights could be cool. Girl, do you. If you want to go blonde then GO BLONDE! I’m blonde and we definitely have more fun.

    I love these chatty posts! Keep ’em coming.

    xo, Victoria

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      Thanks Victoria! I am trying to decide! Blondes I think do have more fun! 😉 I have to save up because that first initial appointment is always so expensive!

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