Taylor Swift Concert

Taylor Swift Concert

Taylor Swift Concert Taylor Swift Concert Taylor Swift Concert Taylor Swift Concert Taylor Swift Concert Taylor Swift Concert Taylor Swift Concert Taylor Swift Concert Taylor Swift Concert

Going to a Taylor Swift concert has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was probably around the age of 11. I mean “Teardrops On My Guitar”…can she get more relatable!? I’ve been a Swiftie since then and have followed along with Taylor Swift’s incredible career since then and all the tours that she’s done. Her “Red” CD was absolutely my favorite! I would have loved to go to that tour, and since I wasn’t able to make it I knew I was not going to miss this one!

My sister and I bought our tickets back in November when they went on sale. The waiting game for this concert was killer! Once we got to August, it was all I could think about getting to. We started planning what to wear, the drive down, and when I would need to be off work. We chose to order shirts off etsy since they were less expensive and I didn’t really want her face on my top. We ordered these tops a few weeks before the concert and they are perfect! I really love them since I can wear them as a graphic tee too.

Maddi and I chose to get to LA a bit before the concert. We went to the LA Library and explored a bit. They have this adorable stationary section which I of course loved! My sister was even able to get a signed copy of a fiction book too! That made her really happy. We ate dinner and then headed over to the concert. It was seriously so hard to stay calm! Once we got inside it was even worse!

Vance Joy was her opener, and then Haim. I had never really listened to either, but I loved Vance Joy! He is totally my type of music! Haim is more my sister’s style, but they were still good. Between each act they had a little pause as they changed the stage. I decided to make a little vlog and combine all the videos I took that night. Give me a little break as it’s the first time I’ve ever done a vlog!

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