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JORD wood watches with Moo's Musing

Fall Style and Giveaway

Everyone needs a watch. Even if you use your phone to look at the time, a watch adds so much to an outfit. I think this is especially true for males. I think every man should have at least one good watch. It’s essential to a good wardrobe and it makes a man look much […]

Beautiful leather watch Moo's Musing

A Beautiful Timepiece

A great watch is always a necessity to me. I don’t wear a watch with every outfit, but if my wrists are going to be shown, I feel like something needs to be there. Watches are always a tricky thing for me since I have such small wrists! However, I love this one! Last Christmas […]

Moo's musing outfit inspiration

Outfit Repeater

Yes, I am a fashion blogger. Yes, I love clothes. However, I wear my clothes more than once! (shocker…I know) I think that is a side of blogging that most people don’t see. Reworking one piece of clothing many different ways into many different outfits is such a gift. A gift that sometimes I can […]

Mariah Cooke
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