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Peplum Outfit Inspiration

Peplum Goodness

How many of you have seen this peplum tee on all bloggers recently? (a million hands raised) Well, sorry not sorry, I’m wearing it too and yes it’s as amazing as everyone says it is. The price alone is seriously worth the buy! Not to mention the fact that there is a ton of different […]

Jean Skirt Outfit

Does Gingham Ever Go Out Of Style?

But like really…does it really ever go out of style? I sure hope it doesn’t; it’s been around forever! It’s just a really great classic that just keeps being amazing. I mean think about it…there’s pretty much everything you can think of made in this pattern. I just typed “gingham” into pinterest and everything came […]

Moo's Musing Floral Tee

When It Goes On Sale The Next Day

Being a fashion blogger I really do love to shop…or rather buy. I hate going shopping when I have no money to spend. I really do not enjoy that. However, something about me is that I always aim to find pieces to buy that are on sale. It’s very rare that I buy something for […]

Moo's Musing Hat Outfit

Carlsbad Flower Fields

The Carlsbad Flower FieldsĀ are somewhere I have been dying to go for a year now. Last year a few of my friends went near the end of the season and after seeing their photos I was so jealous! Their season doesn’t last very long, it is only from March to the beginning of May, and […]

Moo's Musing Warby Parker Spring Collection

It’s All In The Frames – Warby Parker Spring 2016 Collection

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about Warby Parker’s Spring Collection. Now I don’t wear glasses but I couldn’t resist trying on a few frames. I mean it’s always fun to play dress up! I remember growing up how much I always wanted glasses, but I still have yet to need them. My […]

Striped Shirt Statement Necklace

Everyday Striped Day

A great striped shirt is really hard to find. Does anyone else have this issue? I always see good stripes on other people, but can never seem to be satisfied with the ones that I own. Not to mention a girl can never own too many stripes…am I right?! I feel like I’ve worn this […]

Jean Vest Outfit

Stylish In The Studio

These photos are nothing like the typical photos that grace the pages of this blog! However, I really liked them and I thought the photographer did a great job. Especially since this photoshoot was not planned at all! Literally, we were all just in our studio photography class when the professor had us practice and […]

Mariah Cooke
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