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Cubs Game Outfit

Take Me Out To A Ball Game

The boys of summer. Oh baseball. It just feels right to spend a summer night at the baseball field right? It’s such a fun summer time activity to do with friends. Seriously, I love it! Watching sports just makes me so happy! I think that comes from playing them so much when I was younger, […]

Nautical Button Up Old Navy

Neo Nautical with Old Navy

I’m backkkkkkk! Hopefully y’all noticed the two weeks of no blog posts. Sorry about that…I had planned to get stuff scheduled before I left for Europe, but life got busy and it didn’t happen. If you followed along via other platforms than you saw all the fun I had. I’ll be doing blog posts on […]

Windy San Francisco Day Outfit

A Windy San Francisco Day

  If you cannot tell by these photos, it was a very windy day in beautiful San Francisco. This little photoshoot was incredibly spontaneous and very few of these photos actually came out. It was a struggle you guys, a real struggle! Either way though, you can get the gist of my outfit.. While we […]

A Day In The Redwoods

A Day In The Redwoods

Have you ever been to a national park? I have begun to fall in love with them as I start to get older.  My parents took my sister and I to a few when we were younger, but I never really appreciated them until now. This past year I have been to Zion and now […]

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