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Moo's Musing Magnolia Farms Photo Trip

My Trip To The Magnolia Silos

Magnolia Farms!! My trip to Waco to visit the Silos was seriously magical! I highly recommend a visit to this Texas wonderland.

A Day In The Redwoods

A Day In The Redwoods

Have you ever been to a national park? I have begun to fall in love with them as I start to get older.  My parents took my sister and I to a few when we were younger, but I never really appreciated them until now. This past year I have been to Zion and now […]


Vacation Day 3: Maine

On day three of our family vacation we rented a car and drove from Boston to Maine. It wasn’t a very far drive, and the scenery was so beautiful! Plus it was super cool to drive through other states! When we got to Maine we went to this lighthouse and had lunch. We got to […]


First Day In Boston

Our first day in Boston was quite an adventure! The first day we spent in Boston the weather was not so welcoming. It rained…and poured. Which made it a little hard to spend time out exploring the city. However, we tried to make the most of it. We found this adorable park that I absolutely […]



I have officially been in New York for 2 full days now. This time around is very different than November. So many more street vendors are out, and the city is not as full of people as it was during the holidays. However, I am still loving the experience! We have already had a packed […]

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