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Old Navy Moo's Musing

Seasonally Uninspired

What to wear when it’s fall and summer all at the same time. Forgetting the classic labor day rule Moo’s Musing is mixing white denim with a dark plum old navy shirt.

cut out shoulder maroon top

Cut It Out

This outfit has been worn multiple times already. I am totally guilty of being that person y’all! Depending on who I see when I wore an outfit really dictates if I am going to be wearing it again the next day. This is especially true for me when I am going between my different jobs […]

Starbucks Outfit Post

Sweaters and Starbs

Yes, I do realize that my sweater matches my Starbucks. No, this was not on purpose. I just happen to really love the Passion Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbs…and different shades of maroon….if you couldn’t tell. All of which¬†hasve started to become a trend lately with outfits on the blog. The last outfit post¬†and the […]

Mariah Cooke
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