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When Heaven Feels Closer

Loss is never easy, and sometimes we need the reminder to hold our dear mothers and grandmothers a little closer.

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5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Looking to get out of your date night rut? Here’s 5 date night ideas that aren’t just going out to dinner.

lessons moving out parents house

8 Lessons I Learned From Moving Out

While moving out didn’t feel like a “big” change there are some lessons or tips that I want to share.

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New Year, Same Me – Life Update

Hello friends! It’s been awhile…about two months actually. Consistency has never been my strong suit (but really I’m just thankful y’all keep coming back to read. You the real MVP!) Keeping up my strength and blog patterns has been hard lately, even though I’ve been doing this for five years. This blogging break didn’t start […]

Sun dress cupcake say yes

Living Expectantly

2018 has kind of turned into my year of yes. Which sounds kind of cheesy. Like one of those moments in a movie where the character makes the resolution to just say yes to things. With so many life changes and the unexpectedness of where my life is right now, all I really can do is say yes.

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The Season You’re In Right Now

I got slapped in the face by an email this past Monday morning. I don’t know about you, but I totally love certain e-mail newsletters. I have my routine almost every morning (yes, I’m a bit OCD). I get into work, I log into my computer, I fill up my water bottle and peel my […]

joshua tree sunset car

Joshua Tree National Park Weekend Trip

A few weekends ago I met my parents over in Joshua Tree where we were camping for the weekend. Joshua Tree National Park is only about an hour and a half or two hours from where we live and none of us had ever been before! I still can’t believe that I have lived so […]

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