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Weekly Musings – Gingham At J Crew

After getting this post up last week it reminded me of the prettiness that is Ladurée. Seriously it was so dreamy I can’t get over it. I really hope y’all loved the pictures as much as I did! Here’s some other things that sparked my interest this last week: THIS top from J Crew. I […]


October Inspiration

1. FOR CLEAN DESK because we all know that mine isn’t. 2. FOR APPLES AND PUMPKINS because it’s that time of year! 3. FOR RAIN BOOTS since California isn’t seeing much rain lately. 4. FOR NEW YORK because once you have been there once in the fall. It is all you can crave.


September Inspiration

1.  FOR FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL, because I do not have anymore left. 2. FOR BREAKING OUT SCARVES SOON. 3. FOR PUMPKIN SEASON that is right around the corner. 4. FOR WRITING AND SENDING LETTERS, because that’s what my business is all about. 5. FOR BEING COMPLETELY CONTENT.


August Inspiration

1. FOR MY LOVE OF THIS SHOW. I have just started this series and I love it! 2. FOR THE LAST MONTH OF SUMMER 3. FOR PAPER GOODS because stationery has been my life lately. 4. FOR MY DESIRE FOR FALL. It’s coming! 5. FOR THE LOVE OF SEA CREATURES as I am headed to […]


July Inspiration

  1. FOR MY CAT who seems to want to be under the covers and cuddle every night. 2. FOR THIS LITTLE GIRL who I think has better style and clothing than me. 3. FOR BEING EXTRA PATRIOTIC. I mean how awesome is using the flag as a wall hanging! 4. FOR WATERMELON the best […]


Inspiration for May

1. FOR MY EXCITEMENT because I am determined to go to sea world this month. 2. FOR CHANGE because it is coming…be excited. 3. FOR MY KITTY because now that I am on summer I get to spend so much more time with him. 4. FOR ALL THE DRIVING because I am back to semi long distance and that drive will be happening […]


Things I Like

1. FOR MY LOVE OF FLOWERS because it is officially spring and fresh blooms are my favorite. 2. FOR MY CREATIVITY because lately all I want is to make pretty things. 3. FOR THE TIME I GET TO RELAX because spring break is over and so is it. It shall be missed. 4. FOR MY […]

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