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That One Time I Graduated

Recently I realized that I never posted anything about my graduation, and I mean it is kind of a big deal. Considering it has now been about a month since I graduated I thought it was time to share. Graduation feels kind of like a blur. It’s a totally normal day, but yet it completely […]

decorating graduation cap

Decorating Your Own Graduation Cap

Choosing what to put on my graduation cap was such a struggle. I had literally been brainstorming ideas since the fall semester and by the last 2 weeks of school I still hadn’t decided. I had pinned a ton of ideas and was trying to find something that was unique and not many other people […]

25 by 25

As many of you may know, is is something I have mentioned on this blog before, but my 20th birthday is coming up tomorrow! Today is my┬álast day being a teenager…ever…that feels so strange! I have been considering doing this for awhile now, and I have decided I am going to go for it. If […]

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